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보호관찰, Vol.18 (2018)

아동학대 보호관찰대상자의 결혼생활 경험 연구


(전주보호관찰소군산지소 보호관찰관)


(전북대학교 사회복지학과 교수)

이 연구의 목적은 아동학대 행위로 법원에서 보호관찰을 받은 아동학대 보호관찰대상자에 대한 결혼생활 경험을 이해하고 학대행위 예방에 효과적인 사회복지적 실천방안을 제시하는 것이다. 심층적 분석으로 아동학대 보호관찰대상자의 경험을 이해하기 위해 질적사례연구로 진행하였다. 연구참여자는 자녀에 대한 아동학대 행위로 J와 G보호관찰소에서 보호관찰을 받는 6명을 의도적으로 표집하여 2017년 5월부터 5개월 동안 심층인터뷰하고 인터뷰한 내용을 질적사례연구에서 일반적으로 활용하는 사례별 분석과 사례 간 분석을 실시하였다. 각 사례들의 공통된 특성을 4개의 주제와 9개의 상위범주로 분석하였다. 주제는 ‘허울만 있는 결혼으로 시작함’, ‘삶이 기대대로 되지 않음’, ‘현재 상황을 수용할 수 없음’, ‘가정유지를 원함’으로 나타났다. ‘허울만 있는 결혼으로 시작함’주제에는 ‘결혼으로 밀려감’, ‘남다른 결혼을 함’, ‘삶이 기대대로 되지 않음’, 주제에는 ‘어려움·장벽을 만남’, ‘위기가 되풀이 됨’, ‘현재 상황을 수용할 수 없음’ 주제에는 ‘아동학대로 처벌 받음’, ‘법적 문제를 인정할 수 없음’, ‘가족이 원망스러움’, ‘가정유지를 원함’ 주제에는 ‘내 미래를 걱정함’, ‘가족과 살고 싶음’이 상위범주로 도출되었다. 요컨대 아동학대 보호관찰대상자의 결혼생활 경험 특성은 첫째, 결혼생활에 대해 불만족함, 둘째, 다른 가족에게 책임을 전가함, 셋째, 가족들과의 관계가 원만하지 않지만 가정을 유지하고자 함이었다. 이 연구는 아동학대 행위자의 시각에서 결혼생활 경험을 기술하고 공통된 주제를 도출하였다는 점에 의의가 있다. 실천적 함의로는 아동학대 행위자에 대한 감독 기능이 있는 보호관찰 부과와 아동학대 보호관찰대상자에 대한 상담치료 센터, 다문화 센터 등 사회적 지지망을 연결하는 개별처우 제공과 아동학대 보호관찰대상자에 대한 인식 개선 교육의 필요성을 제시하였다. 정책적 함의는 부모교육의 확대와 행위자의 치료에서 집단치료와 개인치료를 혼합한 프로그램 등 체계적인 프로그램 집행의 필요성을 제시하였다.

A Qualitative Study on the Marriage Experiences of Child Abuse Probationers

Kyeng Jin Jeong

Okchai Choi

The increasing number of child abuse cases, despite increased social interest in child abuse cases and enhanced punishment, suggests that more fundamental and effective measures are needed to prevent and treat child abuse. It is reported that parental factors are important factors affecting child abuse in previous studies related to child abuse, and the effects subject to parental characteristics on child abuse results may be changed. Therefore, the object of intervention in order to reduce child abuse should be victim’s parents. Even after the abuse has been identified, the victim is mostly protected by the family of origin, so that constant attention needs to children victim. The purpose of this study is to understand the marital life experiences of the child abuse probationer who are protected by the court for child abuse behavior and to present the social welfare implications. This study conducted a qualitative case study to understand the experience of the child abuse probationer subject by an in-depth analysis of the cases of child abuse. The study participants intentionally sampled by six persons who were under probation in J probation offices and G probation offices due to child abuse of their children. Data collection was conducted for 5 months through in-depth interviews and observations from May to September 2017. Recorded interviews and transcripts were recorded for data analysis. We conducted case analysis and cross-case analysis that are commonly used in qualitative case studies. In order to secure the reliability of the research, it fulfilled the truth value, applicability, consistency and neutrality and secured the strictness at every stage. For credibility of the research results, it obtained severity at each stage by meeting the standard of truth value, applicability, consistency, neutrality. The marriage experience of child abuse probationer was analyzed by case and the common features of each case were analyzed in nine upper categories. Four themes are ‘Start off as a fake wedding’, ‘Life is not as expected’, ‘Unable to accept current situation’, ‘I want to keep my family’. The themes of ‘Start off as a fake wedding’ was revealed as ‘unintended marriage’, ‘marriage is uncommon’. The themes of ‘life is not as expected’ was revealed as ‘difficulty, encountering barriers in marriage, ‘experienced a recurring crisis’. The themes of ‘unable to accept current situation’ was revealed as ‘being punished for child abuse’, ‘the inability to accept legal punishment’, and a grudge against one’s family’. The themes of ‘want to keep a family’ was revealed as ‘worrying about my future’, ‘wanting to live with my family’. The results of the analysis and the theoretical background are summarized as follows. First, The participants were dissatisfied with their marriage. Second, they transferred responsibility to other family member. Third, the relationship with the family member is not good, but they are trying to maintain the family. Based on the results of the research on marital life experience of the child abuse probationers, practical and policy aspects for social significance and social interventions are presented as follows. In this study, it is meaningful to describe the experiences of married life of the child abuse probationer observer according to the flow of time and to draw a common theme from the viewpoint of the child abuser by case study method. Practical implications include providing individualized treatment that links probationer with supervision of child abuse agents and social support networks such as counseling centers for multicultural centers and child abuse protection observers is presented. In addition, it is suggested that the necessity of education in order to improve awareness of child abuse probationer. The policy implication suggests the necessity of systematic program enforcement such as expansion of parent education and a program that combines group treatment program and individual treatment program in the treatment of child abuser.

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